Twilight Float

Here’s a shot form the Arkansas River Coalition’s Twilight Float last Wednesday through south Wichita. That’s the Lincoln Street Bridge and dam in the background; beyond that is the downtown Wichita skyline. The float ended at Garvey Park.

River Angle

ANOTHER SHOT of Vince Marshall during Saturday’s float on the Arkansas River south of Wichita. ┬áThis was done with a GoPro, which has an extremely wide lens (look at how it curves the river) I kind of like it, for it’s Dutch angle, the water spots on the lens, and that it conveys the feeling of being on the water.

July on the Arkansas River


HERE’S A SHOT from yesterday (Saturday, 7-16-2016). It was taken from my kayak during the Arkansas River Coalition’s float from the 71st Street canoe launch in South Wichita to the old “Goat Ranch” near Mulvane, a distance of about 12 miles. The gentleman in the orange shirt in the kayak just ahead of me is Vince Marshall, the ARC’s river guru and historian, who shepherded 13 kayakers and one canoeist along the river, which is still rather high from recent rains. This trip, of course, was research for my forthcoming book, Elevations: A River’s Journey through the Heart of America, under contract with the University Press of Kansas. This was a leisurely float with a group of friendly paddlers (and newly made friends) on a stretch of the river that is pretty tame.