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Custer and the Press

MENTION George Armstrong Custer at any gathering of western scholars and you’ll likely find you’ve tugged at a painful scab on the collective American subconscious. Our feelings about Custer are deep and contradictory and mixed with guilt over our treatment of native tribes, and it’s difficult to reconcile Custer’s ultimate sacrifice with accounts that portray him as a fool or a [...]

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Ophelia Wylde on Kindle

  OF GRAVE CONCERN, the first book in my Opehlia Wylde paranormal mystery series, is on sale as a Kindle ebook for a limited time. It’s $1.99 as part of a promotion by the publisher, Kensington Books. Ophelia is a former con woman-turned-psychic detective who solves crimes in the Old West by talking to the [...]

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Ophelia makes “Best of Western Books” list

OF GRAVE CONCERN has been listed as the best mystery in True West magazine’s “The Best of Western Books for 2014.” J. Stuart Rosebrook, the magazine’s book review editor,  says that “2013 was a great year in Western publishing,” and he gives his top five choices in categories ranging from biography to fiction to photography. Beneath [...]

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Prairie tub

HERE’S THE bathub at a buffalo wallow at the Tallgrass Prairie I mentioned in the previous post. This spot is about four miles into the reserve, and you can only get to it by hiking. What’s it for? I’d like to think it was put there by the park rangers as a sort of Easter [...]

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Sudden winter

WENT HIKING at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve on Sunday, and a couple of a miles down the trail I came to this buffalo wallow. I’d been to the wallow before (and another, miles further on, where’s there’s an enigmatic bathtub), but those previous hikes were on beautiful fall days when the temp was 65 [...]

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Ophelia in the Ozarks

FOUND MYSELF in the Ozarks over the recent holiday and discovered OF GRAVE CONCERN on the shelf at Lebanon Books, 727 S. Jefferson St., in Lebanon, Mo. Naturally I signed it for them — and did a quick cartoon on the title page. I attempt to do some kind of cartoon with every Ophelia Wylde [...]

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Ophelia in TRUE WEST magazine

OF GRAVE CONCERN is reviewed in the October issue of True West magazine, on newstands now. Sherry Monahan calls the novel a “masterful tale” and declares Ophelia Wylde as one of her “new favorite western characters.” Monahan is an expert on the Victorian west, and her books include The Wicked West: Bruisers, Cruisers, Gamblers, and [...]

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Ophelia at Barnes & Noble

OF GRAVE CONCERN is featured in the “New in Paperback” tower displays at Barnes & Noble book stores across the country. This shot was taken yesterday at one of my favorite B&N stores, on Wanamaker in Topeka.  The college bookstore at Emporia State University, where I teach, is also a B&N store, so that one [...]

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OF GRAVE CONCERN on Kindle bestsellers list

OF GRAVE CONCERN is currently #38 on Kindle’s “Metaphysical and Visionary” bestselling fiction list. The top three spots are “American Gods,” by Neil Gaiman; “The Night Circus,” by Erin Morgenstern; and “Cloud Atlas,” by David Mitchell. This surprised me at first–after all, OGC  is a paranormal mystery with a somewhat off-tone cozy cover–but on reflection, [...]

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Ophelia Wylde tomorrow at Boot Hill

The launch of my new paranormal mystery series set in the Old West will be from 2 to 5 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, July 2, at Boot Hill in Dodge City. That’s fitting, because the setting for OF GRAVE CONCERN is 1877 Dodge City. I’ll give a talk and another signing at 7 p.m. at the [...]

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