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Hayden fiddles while Earth burns

Note: I recently had a request for the following post, which seems to have disappeared from the archive for July 2012. Howard “Cork” Hayden seems to be a nice guy. He is affable, appears to have a genuine interest in people and favors eccentric clothing (a red tie that says “Remove Before Flying” and a [...]

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Historic Oklahoma quake

THE HISTORIC Arkansas Valley National Bank building in Pawnee, Okla., lost some stones when a 5.6 quake struck at 7:02 am Saturday, Sept. 3. I was shaken awake in my bed at Emporia, about 210 miles to the north. Because the epicenter of the quake was near the Arkansas River, and because I’m writing a [...]

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Twilight Float

Here’s a shot form the Arkansas River Coalition’s Twilight Float last Wednesday through south Wichita. That’s the Lincoln Street Bridge and dam in the background; beyond that is the downtown Wichita skyline. The float ended at Garvey Park.

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River Angle

ANOTHER SHOT of Vince Marshall during Saturday’s float on the Arkansas River south of Wichita.  This was done with a GoPro, which has an extremely wide lens (look at how it curves the river) I kind of like it, for it’s Dutch angle, the water spots on the lens, and that it conveys the feeling [...]

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July on the Arkansas River

  HERE’S A SHOT from yesterday (Saturday, 7-16-2016). It was taken from my kayak during the Arkansas River Coalition’s float from the 71st Street canoe launch in South Wichita to the old “Goat Ranch” near Mulvane, a distance of about 12 miles. The gentleman in the orange shirt in the kayak just ahead of me [...]

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Rabbit in the Moon

Another shot of the supermoon, with a borrowed 800mm lens from the Lower Fox Creek School. This was taken about an hour before the lunar eclipse began. You can clearly sea the dark spots, lunar “seas,” that make up the face of the man in the moon–or, in Native American and other cultures, form a [...]

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Supermoon over the prairie

  The supermoon rises above the prairie near Strong City, Kansas, Sept. 27. I was standing in front of the Lower Fox Creek School,  at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, when I took the photo. At about the same time as I took this, the Wichita Eagle’s Travis Heying took this photo; that’s me and [...]

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Captured at the Long Branch

CHRISTOPHER GUINN of the Dodge City Daily Globe interviewed me in the Long Branch Saloon at Boot Hill during the launch for the second novel in the Ophelia Wylde paranormal mystery series last month for a feature story. I’m a difficult subject, as recovering journalists tend to be, but Christopher did a great job. He asked [...]

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New Ophelia novel launches at Dodge City

PLEASE JOIN ME in celebrating the release of the new Ophelia Wylde paranormal mystery, THE SPIRIT IS WILLING, at a launch party and signing at the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City. The event, which lasts from 2 to 4 p.m., will kick off with a brief presentation about the paranormal and the Old West. [...]

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OF GRAVE CONCERN a 2014 Kansas Notable Book

OF GRAVE CONCERN has been named a 2014 Kansas Notable Book, I learned today from the State Library of Kansas. An official announcement, and a list of all winners, will follow next week. There was also be a ceremony Saturday, Sept. 13, in Topeka. I’m pleased, and honored. A few years ago, I won the [...]

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